When you’re looking to spruce up your outdoor features, it can be tempting to march down to the home improvement store to buy a can of paint to do it yourself. DIY trends continually leave people with half-finished or low-quality finishes on their painting projects, which is why professional painters will be worth the investment. Any number of unsightly issues can arise, as you could accidentally use expired paint, use the wrong type of paint, or cross over roller strokes which creates streaks.

Let Experts Handle the Headache

If you’re dreaming of your ideal “white picket fence”, you don’t want it to look splotchy. Paints can be finicky when they’re not stirred properly, or if they have trouble sticking to a dirty or rough wooden surface. Our seasoned Nashville fence painters will know all the ins and outs like:

  • Testing the dryness level of the fence
  • Prepping the fence
  • Sanding to create a smooth surface
  • Maneuvering around grass or bushes to get to the nooks and crannies
  • Determining the right weather conditions for fence painting

Save Your Money and Time

To paint a fence and have the finished look last, there’s a lengthy list of factors to consider and tools to buy to get it done right. These might include sanding equipment, gardening tools to cut back vegetation surrounding the fence, and painting tools like brushes, trays, rollers and more. Buying these items at a home improvement store can turn what seemed like a simple and cheap DIY into an expensive project. Hiring our Nashville painters to do the job will preserve your time, money and sanity while producing a beautiful result.

Matching the Fence to the House

Our fence painters can match your fence to your house by grabbing a small paint chip (off the house) and getting it matched at any paint supplier. More importantly, they’ll get the right finish and type of paint needed to remain durable in turbulent weather.

Nashville Painting Professionals

A fence is an important safety measure, it helps keep kids and pets safe while deterring direct access to your house and lawn. Leaving it raw for too long can ruin its durability and composition no matter the material. We recommend getting it painted within 3 weeks of installation after it has dried to avoid rust, rot or insects. Contact us today to talk about your fence painting needs.