NASHVILLE, TN – July 10, 2024 – Nashville Painting Professionals is thrilled to announce that our painting expertise has been recognized in the latest issue of The Spruce. Our owner, Ryan Parr, shared his insights on the best paint brushes for trim in the article titled “The 10 Best Paint Brushes for Trim in 2024.”

The feature, available online at The Spruce, highlights Ryan Parr’s expert advice on choosing the right brush for trim and small surfaces. The article covers the benefits of synthetic brushes, which work well with most types of paint to provide a smooth finish. It also explains why smaller brushes are better for very narrow trim, while larger brushes are ideal for baseboards and other wide trim pieces. The feature also emphasizes the importance of selecting brushes that are comfortable and easy to hold for better results.

To read the full article and gain insights from our painting expert, click here.

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